Mother’s Day Round-Up

It’s Mother’s Day and I’ve decided that rather than posting a new recipe, I’m going to post a round-up of foods that I’ve featured here already! I’m working on a new post for tomorrow, so today I’m taking it easy!

Carrot cake cupcakes.  The perfect mini size so you can eat a couple and not feel guilty.  Because moms need a treat!

Chocolate chip scones.  A perfect late breakfast or brunch treat! And what’s more “Mother’s Day” than brunch?

Poached egg with asparagus and radish tartine.  Perfect main for a Mother’s Day brunch.  It’s fresh and fancy.

Fresh cranberry sauce. My mom taught me this recipe.  Although, why is it that Mom always seems to make it better?

Maple apple galette.  My mom loves this. Your mom will too!

Stuffed peppers.  When I was younger, we used to have this (only with a meat and tomato sauce, rather than rice) for dinner. I made it occasionally when I served in the Peace Corps when I was missing home.


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