Persimmon and Arugula Crostini

Persimmon and Arugula Crostini || The Little BIte


The geese arrived these last few days.  I hear their honks as I wake in the morning, as I go to lunch, as I leave work just before dusk.

They fly, in uneven Vs, against the slate sky, slicing a slow path South for the winter.  Calling out to wayward friends; warning those who remain of the chill and frost and monochromatic mornings ahead.


Grey against grey.  Winter rolling in as the geese make their escape.


Persimmon and Arugula Crostini || The Little BIte


Yesterday, mid-afternoon, I looked out my window at work to a field blanketed in fog.  Cottony and soft.  Heavy and pregnant with the chill of Winter, gusting from the snowy north.  Guiding the geese south and me indoors.


Last night I found myself enjoying what may have been the final, decent evening of Fall.  Tomorrow night it will freeze and I fear December has set in for good.

It’s time to figure out once and for all if this fireplace in the new house works or if the house will fill with as much grey inside as has settled in outside.


The neighborhood kids have been arriving later and later to the bus stop.  I see them as I drive past on my way to work in the mornings.  No longer are they lounging about or tossing bits of paper between themselves.  Now they stand, huddled like penguins, with their backs to the wind, one or two bouncing on the balls of their feet to the off-beat rhythm of cold early-winter mornings.


Persimmon and Arugula Crostini || The Little BIte


But first, this fruit of late-Fall, mild and crisp.  The peppery bite of arugula, and whole-milk ricotta, rich with sea salty flakes.


Persimmon and Arugula Crostini || The Little BIte


Persimmon and Arugula Crostini

1 Fuyu Persimmon
1 baguette, cut on the diagonal 3/4 inch thick {I use Udi’s gluten-free baguette}
1 cup whole milk ricotta
Sea salt
1 cup cleaned arugula
Balsamic vinegar
Fresh ground black pepper

Begin by peeling and slicing one Fuyu persimmon 1/4 inch thick.   Set aside.  Smear ricotta on one baguette slice and sprinkle with sea salt.  Layer the arugula and persimmon slices on top.  Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and grind on fresh black pepper.  Serve immediately.



*** P.S. Happy Third Birthday The Little Bite!


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