Mango and Pear Popsicles

Mango and Pear Popsicles || The Little Bite

It snowed a couple of days ago.  Chubby, fat flakes the size of a baby’s fist tumbled to the pavement and {SPLAT!} broke into fine, delicate pieces.  Shattered flakes dusted the pavement all along the drive home.

It was warm just two days before. We went to the zoo and oogled the lions and penguins and spent some quality time with the North American otters.  Next to the penguins, I think the otters have to be my favorite zoo animal.

Their grace and pure joy at seeing sticky fingered kids flattening their bodies against the glass makes me supremely happy.  Besides feeding time, the otters seem to be happiest mimicking the children’s riotous path from one end of the murky tank to the other.

Mango and Pear Popsicles || The Little Bite

For some reason this last week has been rough for me.  I find myself thinking back to those otters slicing through the water.  The way they  move, spinning, diving, swirling.   And the way they always seem to be grinning.

I close my eyes, breathe deep, and remember.

Mango and Pear Popsicles || The Little Bite

The zoo always make me think of sticky July days.  Planning the perfect route that allowed adequate outdoor viewing with prime air-conditioned reptile house breaks.

And sweet ice, dripping from chins and hands, staining mouths and shirts.  I’m a sucker for grape shaved ice, although the shockingly green lime has caught my eye lately.

Until July, I’m making do with homemade popsicles.

Especially this one: mango and pear. Pureed mango with sliced pears, and just a hint of lime juice. The perfect stand-in for summer.

Mango and Pear Posicles || The Little Bite

Mango and Pear Popsicles
Makes 10 popsicles

1 ten ounce bag of frozen mangoes
1 cup 100% apple juice
freshly squeezed lime juice, to taste (I used approximately 1.5 Tablespoons, but each lime is different, so start small and add more as needed)
1 pear, cored and thinly sliced (it’s up to you if you want to peel the pear – I didn’t)

Combine the frozen mangoes and apple juice in a blender.  Puree until smooth, adding more apple juice if the mixture is too thick.  Taste and add the lime juice.

Pour the mixture in popsicle molds, about 2/3 full.  Carefully slide in the pear slices, as many as able.  I added 2-3 slices per popsicle.

Freeze according to instructions.


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